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Reviews The East Hotel In London

An affordable slice of east London right in the middle of the West do want to get out and about there’s a great little map of the local area in each room which is packed with the kind of on-trend recommendations you might ordinarily find in, ahem, Time Out, but you’d do just as well to spend some time in the hotel’s bar, which is decked out in ‘70s furniture and does a mean Negroni.

In truth, these rooms are so well designed that you barely notice their size. Ours, a Cosy, had a large, circular mirror that helped enlarge the space, reflecting the room’s dark walls, soft lighting and casually hip vibe. Add to this the radio that’s already tuned into a smooth-hits station when you first enter the room, a snazzy TV and the lovely walk-in shower, and it’d be quite easy to spend an entire day lounging around in this place.

Shoebox, Snug, Cosy and Roomy. That’s the choice you get when you stay at The Hoxton’s trendy Holborn outpost, but who cares about room size when you’re just about as close to the centre of London as it’s possible to be – you’ll be right on the doorstep of Covent Garden, Soho and Oxford Street, and the rest of the city is just a couple of stops away.
If there’s a downside to this place it’s that the foyer has become so popular with the city’s wi-fi-hungry laptop users that it can feel a bit overcrowded and busy when you first walk in, and that’s not necessarily the first impression you want to have if you’ve come here to get away from people and relax. But hey, this is a minor quibble, and just like those guys, you’ll find The Hoxton, Holborn is a hotel you won’t want to leave.

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